Rabbie Burns Night

haggis traditional burns night

We make our own haggis following a traditional Scottish recipe. Celebrate Robert Burns' Jan 25th birthday in style.

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Grab Your Christmas Goodies

From Xmas Stockings to Mince Pies to Christmas Crackers, we have what you need for the holiday season...
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Biscuits & Cookies

Digestive buscuits - hob-nobs - Cream crackers

McVitie's Digestive Biscuits & Hobnobs washed down with a nice cuppa tea! Or Jacob's Cream Crackers with Irish Cheese.

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Frozen Food & Meats

scottish meat pies - steak and banger pies - bridies - sausage rolls

We make our own individual & family size steak pies, banger rolls & pasties. Made fresh, then frozen & sent to you.

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Candies & Sweets

sweets and cadburys chocolate

All your favorite Cadbury's chocolates, Mars Bars, Nestles, Rowntree & Bassett sweeties. British chocolate can't be beat!

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Sauces & Condiments


How about HP Sauce with your steak & banger pie. Or some Bisto Gravy Granules over your Yorkshire pudding? Ahh...Bisto!

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